Proposed New Start and End Times for QAC Schools


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bva: Yes, now that the airstrip is not being used and vandals and trespassers leaving their garbage and dog crap. Likewise using it as roadway ...breaking down fencing and crossing into the cemetery tearing up the once lawn kept grounds. [br][br] Mr Bittorf was one May 15, 2014 23:34:15 GMT -4
bva: Billy and family has Veteran Affairs in FL to help homeless veterans May 15, 2014 23:47:37 GMT -4
JJ: No Press Relaease May 25, 2014 8:39:43 GMT -4
JJ: GREAT JOB SHERIFF HOFMANN! County agrees to pay former deputy $620,000 [br]CENTREVILLE — Queen Anne's County will pay $620,000 to settle an employment discrimination lawsuit filed by a former county deputy.[br] [br]Here is the link: http://www.myeaste Jun 2, 2014 20:54:04 GMT -4 *
basicmetals: Hello Everyone Jun 3, 2014 12:13:10 GMT -4
RobMoore: Whatever happened to Pete? Jun 3, 2014 21:56:21 GMT -4
comet58: friend of my son posted it on facebook no other info to go on sorry Jun 7, 2014 2:03:32 GMT -4
JJ: [br][img src=""][br] Jun 12, 2014 7:58:29 GMT -4
scrump93: Thank you for the information. I'm going to do a little research on the PVC issue. Jun 27, 2014 17:38:24 GMT -4
scrump93: John, I will have my husband call and arrange a time to meet at your convenience. We do need an estimate and options. Jun 27, 2014 17:38:52 GMT -4
Island LawnCare: Now Hiring Laborers & Weed Eater Operators! Fill Out an Online Application at Jul 7, 2014 13:44:26 GMT -4
sbruth: 8-)I need an electrician - one that actually shows up or return a phone call. Any suggestion? Jul 18, 2014 11:42:01 GMT -4 *
Chesapeake Auto Jack Jr: I was an electrician for 5 year let me know what your looking to do and i'll let you know if its something i want to tackle. 443-988-2433 cell phone [br]Jack Jr. Jul 26, 2014 16:16:27 GMT -4
deputy: Sorry, but 5 years? is that after or including your 4 year apprenticeship? or after your 7 years under a Master Electrician that's required to sit for your masters license exam? Yes I'm licensed. Jul 31, 2014 11:03:30 GMT -4
agee: Obviously the people on this site that bash businesses obviously have never owned a business. Mistakes are made. Bashers, keep it up and we'll see more closures. Let us decide whether we want to frequent a business. We don't need or want your opinion. Jul 31, 2014 15:13:25 GMT -4
bchevy: Agee, really? Aug 2, 2014 7:24:34 GMT -4
deputy: Agge, was I bashing? you have a very broad definition there.. Aug 4, 2014 10:26:31 GMT -4
RobMoore: If you don't need or want the opinions of others, the internet is not the place to be. Aug 4, 2014 18:43:39 GMT -4
lobstahluva: I believe the current owner is now looking into exhuming the remains, removing any markers and reinterring the bodies in the Stevensville Cemetery in order to expand his business. . . Aug 2014 Aug 6, 2014 15:10:49 GMT -4